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Welcome! AAC in the Cloud is an annual, free, fully-online conference focused on all things AAC! Here you can review sessions from past conferences, search for a specific session, or subscribe to our session feeds. All past sessions are kept online for as long as we can help it, and fill out the participation survey after watching current or past sessions to get CEU credits! You can also go here to see details on the most recent conference.

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¡¡Encuentra el tesoro!! Recursos y estrategias para alfabetización emergente en español
Claudia Marimón R. & María Soledad Cuesta G.
La evidencia confirma que las personas con Complejas Necesidades de Comunicación necesitan aprender a leer y escribir. La búsqueda y creación de materiales y recursos para apoyar la alfabetización integral de lectores y escritores emergentes, nos invita a compartir recursos para las necesidades de estudiantes y adaptadas a español.
Overcoming Barriers to Communication
Jill Senner/Matt Baud/Shelley Harris
Providing successful home, school, and community communication experiences for individuals who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) can be challenging, particularly in environments that do not easily allow for use of high-tech AAC systems. This webinar will provide participants with an overview of innovative strategies collaboratively developed by family members and therapists to overcome environmental and positional barriers to communication. This "show and tell" will highlight some of the creative adaptations that have allowed children and young adults to communicate in bed, in the shower, horseback riding, swimming, and more!
Implementing Dasher for the First Time in an AAC App
Brad Jordan
Dasher is a fluid, continuous gesture text entry system implemented for the first time in an AAC app in Predictable, as an access method. It is accessible via direct touch, as well as head and eye tracking, and features a letter prediction engine.
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