Highest-Rated Sessions

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Lauren Enders & Rachel Madel: Attention-grabbing Tools & Ideas for Virtual Language Learning
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.7 out of 610 ratings (8256 total views)
Keynote Address Jane Farrall: Shared Reading -- Let’s Be Interactive!
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.66 out of 341 ratings (5514 total views)
Shared reading is fundamental for anyone implementing literacy programs with emergent readers and writers – and good shared reading has strong ties with language development, and use of AAC. This workshop will discuss how we can support AAC users at different language and emergent literacy levels– supporting them to develop their language, communication skills and print concepts.
Chris Gibbons: AAC Speaker Employment Starts Here
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.62 out of 39 ratings (154 total views)
Augmented communicators discuss the importance of recruiting and paying AAC users as public speakers. Each will offer examples of different public speaking engagements, what they need to be successful, how they prepare, unexpected challenges encountered, what they would do differently, and how they get connected with opportunities.
Carole Zangari Beyond the Basics: Core Consideration in AAC Intervention
AAC in the Cloud 2017 Conference
4.62 out of 229 ratings (2035 total views)
Rachel Madel: AAC in Telepractice
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.61 out of 1732 ratings (19449 total views)
Session by Rachel Madel about using telepractice for AAC
Keynote Address: Yoo Sun Chung -- Breaking Down Ableism to Unlock Possibilities
AAC in the Cloud 2021 Conference
4.6 out of 163 ratings (1005 total views)
In this session, Dr. Chung will speak about the background, timeline, examples, and, her own firsthand perspective of Ableism, which is one of the main barriers to unlocking possibilities for our community. In addition, she will present some action items to prevent Ableism in our society. The roots of Ableism can be traced back to the 1800s when the Eugenics movement was prevalent. Ableism as a concept undermines and underestimates the ability of individuals with disabilities to live their own lives. This belief perpetuates a harmful rhetoric that causes even more obstacles and difficulties. However, it should also be noted that some actions of Ableism are not all intended as some individuals might be unaware that their thoughts and actions may come across as Ableist due to lack of exposure and education. The purpose of this presentation is to prevent and reduce those occurrences while simultaneously unlocking possibilities once we’ve discussed the nature of Ableism.
Lynn Elko, Tara McCarty, & Dawn Sowers: Evidenced-Based AAC Interventions for Cortical Visual Impairment
AAC in the Cloud 2023 Conference
4.54 out of 161 ratings (841 total views)
Laying a solid foundation for an AAC system that will be accessible to for an individual with CVI across time, settings, and partners requires many components including a family-centered approach, consideration of the individual’s specific CVI characteristics, responsibilities of the communication partner(s), and consideration of aided AAC design features.
Keynote by Kate Ahern, #SeeMeSeeMyAAC Building a Voice
AAC in the Cloud 2017 Conference
4.54 out of 181 ratings (1360 total views)
Keynote Address: Lauren Enders -- Connection: The Heart of Communication
AAC in the Cloud 2019 Conference
4.53 out of 206 ratings (822 total views)
Endever* Corbin: AAC Backups (& Backups for Backups)
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.53 out of 110 ratings (834 total views)
Why should you have backup AAC methods and how do you make them? This session is about planning for situations when you can’t access your primary communication method.
Elisa Wern & Rachel Madel: Using Screen Recording Software to Support Communicators, Educators, and Learners
AAC in the Cloud 2023 Conference
4.52 out of 106 ratings (280 total views)
In this session, two experienced AAC professionals will discuss their use of screen recording software in various settings, providing case examples and a comparison of popular tools. Storage and sharing strategies, as well as how to incorporate the recordings into practice for AAC teaming and parent education will be discussed. Attendees will receive practical resources to implement in their own practices.
Lydia Dawley: Collaborating with Clients with AAC on What They Want to Work on in Therapy
AAC in the Cloud 2021 Conference
4.52 out of 193 ratings (9363 total views)
This session will be presented by Lydia Dawley, an AAC user and AAC Consultant. The session will explore the importance of collaboration with clients to choose what to do in therapy. This will will teach them the independence and autonomy skills that they can be independent with daily activities.
Cole Sorensen & Donnie TC Denome: Autonomy, Self-determination, Dignity of Risk, and Harm Reduction for AAC Users
AAC in the Cloud 2021 Conference
4.51 out of 91 ratings (1021 total views)
Autonomy, self-determination, and dignity of risk (the right to take risks and make mistakes) are often denied to AAC users, but are fundamental human rights. This session will explore the importance of these rights, their relationship to trauma, how AAC users can exercise them, and the role of professionals/supporters.
Gemma White: Where is the penis? Equipping AAC users to discuss personal and body safety
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.51 out of 204 ratings (935 total views)
This session will help AAC users take the next steps with a goal driven curriculum for teaching body safety and personal safety. Using language from psychologists and lawyers who educate in grooming and sexual abuse prevention this session will have an AAC relevant twist.
Lauren Enders: Personalizing AAC -- A Deep Dive into Vocabulary Customization
AAC in the Cloud 2021 Conference
4.51 out of 245 ratings (1031 total views)
Dana Nieder, Keynote
AAC in the Cloud 2018 Conference
4.51 out of 173 ratings (694 total views)
Brianna Hughes and Tiffany Rezvani: AAC Screening for Preschool Students: A Work-In-Progress Tool
AAC in the Cloud 2024 Conference
4.5 out of 111 ratings (172 total views)
What if instead of AAC Assessment, we could do AAC Screening? The population of AAC users far exceeds the number of professionals with AAC experience, and the gap is growing. We propose a possible solution to increasing AAC access, used in conjunction with the Specific Language System First Approach.
Amanda Hartmann of Assistiveware: A Roadmap to Successful Communication Using AAC
AAC in the Cloud 2017 Conference
4.49 out of 154 ratings (727 total views)
Bilingüe AAC: Bilingüe AAC – Resources for Bilingual(Spanish/English) AAC therapy
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.48 out of 56 ratings (693 total views)
As SLPs working with bilingual AAC learners, we know first-hand how difficult it could be to find resources for this community. Therefore, we created our own! We will be going over bilingue aac.com where we have created videos, handouts and a guide to help foster the Spanish language at home.
Brian Whitmer: Remote Modeling, Virtual Evals and Focus Words, Oh My! What's New to CoughDrop
AAC in the Cloud 2021 Conference
4.47 out of 47 ratings (172 total views)
We've been busy at CoughDrop! Over the last 18 months we've been working hard, collaborating with partners and practitioners on features to help communicators and their teams, whether in-person or remote. Come see some of the great new features of CoughDrop and how they can help communicators continue to develop and grow as the world keeps changing.
Jill Senner & Matt Baud: SMoRRES and Partner-Augmented Input -- Keys to Successful Modeling
AAC in the Cloud 2017 Conference
4.46 out of 89 ratings (1538 total views)
Erin Sheldon: AAC and Transition Planning -- Supporting all students to make decisions for the future
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.46 out of 97 ratings (953 total views)
Transition planning is an essential part of preparing our students for the adult life they want and need. Many of our students are still learning to use AAC at the time that we need to start planning for their transition out of school. Fortunately, even the most emergent student can be involved in their own planning. This session describes tools and strategies to maximize the role of the student learning to use AAC. Learn to use AAC supports in new, flexible ways to support autonomy, decision-making, and participation.
Bryce Johnson: Microsoft and Accessibility
AAC in the Cloud 2024 Conference
4.46 out of 37 ratings (165 total views)
Beth Poss & Kelly Fonner: I Need That! How to Get Started with Core Vocabulary
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.45 out of 288 ratings (2102 total views)
This session helps families and educators understand expressive core vocabulary: what it is, where to get it, and how to use it to communicate with existing AAC systems and on manual core boards. We will share resources for pre-made core vocabulary and activities as well as tools for creating custom core resources.
Deidre Dobbels & Kelly Key: Strategies to Increase AAC Modeling in the Classroom
AAC in the Cloud 2018 Conference
4.45 out of 263 ratings (919 total views)
A nationwide survey of general and special education teachers (pre-k – high school) identified perceived barriers in being able to provide partner aided language in the classroom setting. The results of this survey will be shared with participants along with practical solutions to overcome these obstacles, and provide educators with the tools and confidence they need to speak AAC.
Lauren Enders Gonzales: Reimagining Canva as a Powerful Tool for AAC Learners
AAC in the Cloud 2023 Conference
4.45 out of 206 ratings (5200 total views)
In this session, you will learn how the wildly popular, powerful, and versatile Canva app can be used to support AAC Learners (either in-person or virtually). In addition to a paid Pro version, Canva offers both a free version (that anyone can use) AND the robust Canva for Education subscription that is FREE for all K-12 educators! Tune in to learn how this fun and all-around mighty tool can be used in creative ways to engage all types of learners. Demonstrations will include exciting new Canva features that even include artificial intelligence (AI). Not super tech-savvy? No worries, Canva has one of the most user-friendly interfaces around, so you can do this!
Emily Diaz & Lauren Greenlief: The Known (And Unknowns) of AAC & Gestalt Language Processing
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.44 out of 630 ratings (6559 total views)
This session addresses what we know (and don’t know) about everyday clinical practice for our AAC users that are Gestalt Language Processors. We will share both family and professional experiences. While also addressing the research, identifying speaking/non-speaking GLPs, AAC app feature matching, the theory of programming, & implementation.
Vicki Clarke: Thinking Inside the Box -- Which AAC App is Right For Us?
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.44 out of 196 ratings (881 total views)
In this session we will be exploring how AAC apps organize words, phrases and letters so that communicators can quickly and easily communicate. We will explore the messaging features of some of the more popular AAC apps, how we teach within these apps and the cognitive considerations for people new to AAC.
Emily Macklin: What are Tangible Symbols? Use of these AAC Supports Across Settings
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.43 out of 219 ratings (1350 total views)
Learn what makes a "good" tangible symbol including considerations when making them that I have found to be successful. Demonstrating how this form of AAC can be powerful tool to provide access to AAC, not just in school, but also at home and how they can be used to facilitate and open doors for community interactions.
Kate Ahern: Talker Power -- Creating an AAC Skills Class for AAC Users and Caregivers Together
AAC in the Cloud 2023 Conference
4.43 out of 320 ratings (1329 total views)
Developing communication competence in a focused and fun manner.
Kristen Powell & Mary Katherine Dally: All Hands On Deck for Touch Access
AAC in the Cloud 2021 Conference
4.43 out of 191 ratings (828 total views)
Calling all hands-on deck for touch access! There is so much to consider and explore for clients who use touch access. This session is led by two assistive technology consultants and speech-language pathologists ( SLPs) to review ways to encourage touch access, low-tech to high-tech device modifications and DIY ideas to trial touch access methods with your students. One small change can make a big difference when using touch access. Get ready for this hands-on course and leave with a touch access resource guide for editing tips, checklists and trial ideas.
Beth Poss & Kelly Fonner: Literacy Connections -- Reading, Writing and AAC
AAC in the Cloud 2023 Conference
4.43 out of 166 ratings (735 total views)
For students AAC communicators, the development of literacy skills are essential to unrestricted access to ALL the words. Too often, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening are taught in isolation. In this session, participants learn ways to connect and integrate reading, writing and language into instructional routines across the student day.
Erin Sheldon: Safeguards for AAC users: vulnerability, autonomy, and being heard
AAC in the Cloud 2019 Conference
4.43 out of 89 ratings (1040 total views)
People who cannot rely on speech are at-risk of neglect, abuse, and medical errors. This session will examine the causes of this vulnerablity. We will then explore the most effective safeguards to ensure AAC users have the tools, support, and strategies they need to be safe and heard.
Sarah Price Hancock: Electrical Injuries: Communication and Speech disorders and AAC-- What's the next step?
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.42 out of 43 ratings (522 total views)
Acquired communication disorders caused by electrical trauma present unique communication barriers due to their evolving symptom manifestation. Initially anomic aphasia, cognitive communication disorder and mild dysarthria may be present. As the person ages away from the initial injury, communication barriers can become more pronounced with age.
Ashley Larisey & Lauren Sheehan: AAC and Emergent Literacy at Home – A Beginners Guide for Families and Caretakers
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.42 out of 192 ratings (640 total views)
Families often inquire how they can support literacy within the home environment. Emergent literacy learners who use AAC benefit from repetition with variety to provide a wealth of literacy experiences. Family members and caretakers who have a deep understanding of a learner can provide these experiences within the home setting.
Sarah Gregory & Elisa Wern: Teaming Up to Unlock the Possibilities for AAC Success
AAC in the Cloud 2021 Conference
4.42 out of 267 ratings (625 total views)
This presentation will share resources for teaming up to support the AAC Users in your world. Specific strategies for collaborating with team members during consideration, implementation, and data collection will be provided. The different models for working as a team as well as examples of technology that can support this will be discussed.
Deidre Dobbels & Kelly Key: Empowering Partners-- Parents & Professionals
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.42 out of 347 ratings (445 total views)
Successful AAC users have a village of AAC supporters. This session will share unique, yet practical ways to empower communication partners in becoming proficient and confident in modeling and interacting using AAC.
Sara Pericolosi & Carolyn O'Hearn: Building AAC Capacity Through Coaching
AAC in the Cloud 2023 Conference
4.41 out of 153 ratings (454 total views)
Communication can't just be a “speech thing.” It may feel easier to provide answers or advice to those supporting complex communicators, coaching often yields better understanding and willingness to shift practices. Join us to learn strategies related to AAC capacity-building efforts that can also be utilized for other collaborative initiatives.
Tabi Jones-Wohleber: AAC Implementation -- Model as a MASTER PAL
AAC in the Cloud 2019 Conference
4.4 out of 138 ratings (995 total views)
A MASTER PAL, or “skilled partner” of an individual who uses AAC engages in authentic and meaningful interactions. However, developing such skills with communication partners is an on-going, nuanced and gradual process. This session lays out a framework for meaningful team dialogue to identify, describe, and discuss interaction behaviors of exemplar communication partners, in digestible chunks. Model as a MASTER PAL has been implemented in a school-based setting, but the content and structure are relevant across environments where AAC communication partners require support to understand and engage in authentic communicative interactions. Participants will be provided access to and an overview of Model as a MASTER PAL modules on the following topics: Model AAC, Motivate, Accept Multiple Modalities, Statements more than Questions, Time, Engage Naturally, Response Not Required, Presume Competence, Appropriate Prompting, and Let the Child Lead.
Laura Hayes: AAC Users -- Stimming or Not Stimming, That is the Question
AAC in the Cloud 2021 Conference
4.4 out of 305 ratings (4208 total views)
This session will review emergent communication behaviors and abilities when trialing dynamic voice output systems. It will expand upon the idea of what "stimming" looks like, how professionals and communication partners can redefine this term, and how to respond and support individuals with complex communication needs when they display "stimming" behaviors.
Melissa Petersen: One, Two, Three - AAC – streamlining AAC at school using tiered AAC supports
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.4 out of 230 ratings (898 total views)
Learn how one school district has streamlined AAC services with an AAC framework, tiered AAC supports and focused classroom interventions. Participants will learn about similarities between AAC supports and Multi Tiered Systems of Support, understand the Specific Language System First approach, and review a case study of how one district implemented AAC modeling and focusing on core words as their primary AAC classroom interventions.
Jodi Melendez: Making Modeling Fun at Home
AAC in the Cloud 2018 Conference
4.4 out of 166 ratings (1080 total views)
This session will share strategies and videos of families using AAC in ordinary, playful activities. It will emphasize how core words and irreverent kid-friendly vocabulary can make AAC just another way that we talk while we play.
Shaun Pearson, Christopher Bugaj & Katie Robertson: Voice and Choice -- Learning Made Fun Through Interactive Choose Your Own Adventure Games
AAC in the Cloud 2021 Conference
4.4 out of 115 ratings (430 total views)
Help the presenters create a character who will go on an interactive story-driven adventure. Participants will make choices, guiding actions and outcomes, all while using open-ended questioning, descriptive teaching, and aided language stimulation. Leave having experienced a model for creating an engaging experience to teach and learn language using AAC.
Chana Feinstein: Shared Storybook Reading With AAC Users Who Don't Like Books: How to Make It Awesome
AAC in the Cloud 2019 Conference
4.4 out of 232 ratings (1233 total views)
Shared storybook reading is a great way to build language skills and emergent literacy skills. But a lot of new-ish AAC users think books are B-O-R-I-N-G. This presentation will offer practical tips to make shared storybook reading fun!
Cristian Orbe-Rosas: An AAC User-How I Communicate
AAC in the Cloud 2017 Conference
4.4 out of 156 ratings (571 total views)
Holly Schneider & Vicki Clarke: AAC and IEPs -- A GPS for Communicative Competence
AAC in the Cloud 2019 Conference
4.39 out of 148 ratings (348 total views)
Explore a classroom-based communication model and supporting tools which assist IEP team members in assessing current AAC skills and progress toward communicative competence in both social and academic environments. Discover the Dynamic AAC Goals Grid-2 and the Classroom Communication Goals Grid with application of these tools in the development of IEPs.
Chris Bugaj: Teaching Language With Coding, Robots, & AAC
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.39 out of 102 ratings (763 total views)
Students exiting contemporary schools need to have fundamental knowledge of computer science and coding, including those learning language using AAC. Learn to use free and low-cost tools, many likely already available in your school, to teach language concepts through easy to use block coding and robots!
Narayanan Ramakrishnan and Lakshmignanabala Akilan: Creating an Authentic & Efficient AAC system powered by Artificial Intelligence
AAC in the Cloud 2024 Conference
4.39 out of 38 ratings (325 total views)
Artificial intelligence used well has the capability to offer a more authentic and efficient AAC system for everyone. Emotions are such an integral part of communication. Most AAC users lack the opportunity to authentically express themselves. Expressive voices can help support social interactions and social relationships as well and hence, should be an uncompromising requirement in any AAC system. In this session, we will show some of our latest updates of Avaz AAC along with the AI based experimental features that we are working on. With Avaz AAC powered by AI, users can communicate more efficiently, spontaneously, and independently than ever before.
Megan Stewart: Bringing Literacy to Life: Using AAC & Sensory Elements to Build Connections
AAC in the Cloud 2024 Conference
4.39 out of 150 ratings (297 total views)
Mike Hipple: Welcome to the AAC Community
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.39 out of 62 ratings (260 total views)
Parents can feel overwhelm with everything they need to do. Sometimes parents don't learn about our community much later or not at all. This workshop will invite parents, siblings, grandparents, and professionals to the beautiful community and to give ideas to build your local AAC community. Come learn and be amaze about our big and beautiful community.