Most-Rated Sessions

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Rachel Madel: AAC in Telepractice
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.61 out of 1732 ratings (19449 total views)
Session by Rachel Madel about using telepractice for AAC
Emily Diaz & Lauren Greenlief: The Known (And Unknowns) of AAC & Gestalt Language Processing
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.44 out of 630 ratings (6559 total views)
This session addresses what we know (and don’t know) about everyday clinical practice for our AAC users that are Gestalt Language Processors. We will share both family and professional experiences. While also addressing the research, identifying speaking/non-speaking GLPs, AAC app feature matching, the theory of programming, & implementation.
Lauren Enders & Rachel Madel: Attention-grabbing Tools & Ideas for Virtual Language Learning
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.7 out of 610 ratings (8256 total views)
Susan Berkowitz: Moving Beyond Single Words with AAC
AAC in the Cloud 2018 Conference
3.78 out of 591 ratings (2885 total views)
Moving AAC users beyond single words can be a difficult transition. Too often we focus on requesting as the objective, and on using single labels for items the user wants. But we need to grow language as well, and move students from single words through to complete, linguistically appropriate sentences.
Emily Diaz: How to get Staff Buy-in for all-day AAC Use in the Classroom
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.24 out of 517 ratings (2329 total views)
Communication doesn't just happen during speech therapy! This presentation will help you consider how to train & support classroom professionals so they actually enjoy implementing AAC when you're not there.
Lily Konyn: Supporting Gestalt Language Processors to Keep Scripting
AAC in the Cloud 2023 Conference
4.26 out of 482 ratings (2723 total views)
Therapy for GLPs often focuses on moving them towards word-based language generation. While this is an important skill to have, it is also important to support their neurotype by helping them feel confident communicating with their scripts. This session considers the benefits and methods to support this for AAC users.
Maribeth Plankers: Let’s Read & Write with AAC
AAC in the Cloud 2021 Conference
4.28 out of 431 ratings (1002 total views)
The use of literacy is a lifelong tool! The foundation for literacy is language. Communicators who rely on augmentative alternative communication should routinely utilize literacy for reading, writing and communication. Let’s explore the wealth of options to increase language use, reading comprehension, and written language for the AAC user.
Laura Hayes, Kate McLaughlin, & Kate Flaxman: Gestalt Language Processing & AAC: What Do We Know & Where Do We Go? **EXTENDED SESSION -- Will run until 3:45PM ET**
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.36 out of 416 ratings (6669 total views)
Have you heard about gestalt language processing (GLP)? If you want to learn more about this manner of language development and its role in AAC, then this is the presentation for you! This presentation will review GLP, its current implications for AAC, and future considerations for research and development.
Shannon Archer: FUNctional Activities for AAC using games, books, and everyday activities.
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.08 out of 415 ratings (1119 total views)
Effective teaching and implementation of AAC can be both fun and functional for educators and families. In this session we will share strategies for modeling and expanding expressions using games, books, and everyday activities that are FUNctional! Let's have fun and get communicating!
Jaime Lawson, Melonie Melton, & Heather Patton: The Power of One SLP-- What Can’t We Do?
AAC in the Cloud 2023 Conference
4.13 out of 393 ratings (940 total views)
This session will be provided by four SLP’s who share their secrets to providing productive and engaging AAC group sessions. Top tips and favorite activities will be provided within a real time group session. Find out how we manage various AAC systems and juggle data collection while maintaining engagement.
Sabina LaClair & Beth Warren: Getting Started - Ideas for Introducing AAC
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.17 out of 393 ratings (1309 total views)
Are you new to implementing AAC or do you feel you need new ideas for supporting AAC users? Introducing AAC to an individual takes a team, so let’s work together to give you ideas and examples for how to start the process of introducing AAC. Multiple examples and resources will be provided for starting the journey with AAC.
Anne Page: Keep it fun, Keep it Flexible, Keep it Available -- AAC All Day in the Special Needs Classroom
AAC in the Cloud 2017 Conference
4.32 out of 373 ratings (2871 total views)
Kelsey Peterson: Using a Collaborative Approach to AAC to Achieve Team Buy-In
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
3.89 out of 357 ratings (775 total views)
Without ample support and collaboration across environments, AAC abandonment can occur. This session will focus on strategies for getting caregiver and professional buy-in by utilizing a collaborative approach. Attendees will be empowered with research-based information, tips, and strategies to effectively implement AAC as a team.
Jill Senner & Matt Baud: Educating School Staff to Model AAC in the Classroom
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.17 out of 353 ratings (3391 total views)
School staff instruction in AAC has numerous benefits to students, including increasing communicative turns and facilitating longer utterances. However, in-service style trainings rarely result in increased AAC use in the classroom. Participants will learn the benefits of staff education, benefits of modeling AAC and elements of a successful partner education program.
Deidre Dobbels & Kelly Key: Empowering Partners-- Parents & Professionals
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.42 out of 347 ratings (445 total views)
Successful AAC users have a village of AAC supporters. This session will share unique, yet practical ways to empower communication partners in becoming proficient and confident in modeling and interacting using AAC.
Rachael Langley & Marlene Cummings: No Experts Here -- An Argument for Building Capacity to Support AAC
AAC in the Cloud 2021 Conference
4.24 out of 345 ratings (748 total views)
While it might sound great to have an “AAC Expert” on hand, join this discussion about building sustainable support within schools and programs. Instead of putting high value on the expertise of one team member, this model recognizes that expert skills & knowledge work best when shared among a team.
Keynote Address Jane Farrall: Shared Reading -- Let’s Be Interactive!
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.66 out of 341 ratings (5514 total views)
Shared reading is fundamental for anyone implementing literacy programs with emergent readers and writers – and good shared reading has strong ties with language development, and use of AAC. This workshop will discuss how we can support AAC users at different language and emergent literacy levels– supporting them to develop their language, communication skills and print concepts.
Rachael Langley: Prompt Awareness in AAC Instruction
AAC in the Cloud 2017 Conference
4.34 out of 340 ratings (3937 total views)
Karen Owens: We Speak PODD -- Implementing AAC at Home: Empowering Parents
AAC in the Cloud 2017 Conference
4.36 out of 337 ratings (3582 total views)
Laura Hayes: The 1 AAC Strategy You May be Missing
AAC in the Cloud 2023 Conference
4.34 out of 325 ratings (1106 total views)
Aided language input, prompting, creating opportunities—the are all well known strategies that are often discussed when it comes to supporting AAC development. However, how often do you and the communication partners that support AAC users talk about the importance of acknowledgment? In this session, we will dive into the importance of communication acknowledgement and the role it plays in language and socio-emotional development. Participants will learn about how to use it as a tool in their toolbox to enhance communication with AAC users.
Lauren (Enders) Gonzales, Erin Polk, Rachael Smolen: AAC and Behavior -- They are Connected
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.38 out of 325 ratings (949 total views)
Anne Page: 10 Ideas for AAC Virtual Modeling
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
3.84 out of 323 ratings (6190 total views)
Anne shares 10 great ways to incorporate modeling & support into virtual connections with AAC users.
Kate Ahern: Talker Power -- Creating an AAC Skills Class for AAC Users and Caregivers Together
AAC in the Cloud 2023 Conference
4.43 out of 320 ratings (1329 total views)
Developing communication competence in a focused and fun manner.
Kathryn Helland: AAC- Getting Started, Implementing Across Environments, and Busting Myths
AAC in the Cloud 2017 Conference
4.2 out of 313 ratings (1771 total views)
Susan Todd: Modeling AAC Every Day- Beyond the “I want” Funk
AAC in the Cloud 2019 Conference
4.03 out of 307 ratings (907 total views)
The best way to teach AAC is to speak AAC. As an SLP serving many families with a consumer of AAC, I am often encouraging parents, caregivers, and other providers to incorporate AAC into daily routines. The goal of this presentation is to provide a basic overview of language development and instruction, aided language modeling, and providing examples of two-word phrases to model during every-day activities.
Anne Page: Writing Authentic AAC Goals
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.1 out of 306 ratings (1770 total views)
Laura Hayes: AAC Users -- Stimming or Not Stimming, That is the Question
AAC in the Cloud 2021 Conference
4.4 out of 305 ratings (4208 total views)
This session will review emergent communication behaviors and abilities when trialing dynamic voice output systems. It will expand upon the idea of what "stimming" looks like, how professionals and communication partners can redefine this term, and how to respond and support individuals with complex communication needs when they display "stimming" behaviors.
Rachel Jones: AAC in the Classroom -- Core Vocabulary
AAC in the Cloud 2017 Conference
4.2 out of 302 ratings (2275 total views)
Sharon Redmon: Aided Language From Research to Practice -- the How & Why of Modeling AAC
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.07 out of 300 ratings (369 total views)
Aided Language Input: How to! AAC & Aided Language Stimulation Modeling: Teaching teachers, paras and parents the Why and How to modeling AAC. We learn language by having language modeled. Aided Language Stimulation (ALS) is seen as best practice in the field of AAC and is often one of the first strategies suggested when beginning AAC with individuals with Complex Communication Needs. In this hour-long webinar, we not only will learn about why modeling symbolic communication is so vital to AAC users but why it is so hard to implement and then learn simple techniques to teach communication partners how to implement ALS into their everyday routine. It may sound like an easy thing to do, however, in reality, our teachers, para's and parents are struggling with this strategy. Model, Model, Model! Let’s learn how to model because it is not as easy as it sounds. Learning Objectives: In this webinar participants will be able to... Understand the reason modeling symbolic language can be so difficult Describe three ways to teach communication partners how to model Be able to implement ALS into three routines in their students day
Jennifer Clark, Robby Vickery & Kyle Delahanty: Empowering Paraeducators to Use Students' AAC Systems
AAC in the Cloud 2019 Conference
4.15 out of 298 ratings (606 total views)
Instructional assistants often spend the most time with students; however, they frequently do not get the training needed to effectively implement augmentative alternative communication with students with complex communication needs. This presentation offers examples of trainings and strategies we used to train instructional assistants in our Colorado Department of Education Facility School.
Vicki Haddix: Hands-On Activities for Teaching AAC to Professionals: Why and How
AAC in the Cloud 2019 Conference
3.98 out of 297 ratings (1402 total views)
We talk a lot about the importance of training in AAC, but are only starting to talk about how to do that training. With years of teaching AAC to pre-service and in-service SLPs and teachers, Vicki has become a firm believer in hands on activities and she will share some here.
Amanda Samperi: Executive Function & AAC
AAC in the Cloud 2018 Conference
4.28 out of 297 ratings (819 total views)
Executive functioning (EF) skills are critical to using one’s information and skills. This presentation will look at AAC through an executive functioning lens, connecting areas of challenge in EF skills with challenges that many users of AAC face. It will also provide evidence-based strategies to enhance executive functioning skills for users of AAC.
Rachael Langley: 5 Fixes for Common AAC Problems
AAC in the Cloud 2018 Conference
3.97 out of 296 ratings (1111 total views)
Shannon Archer: Building Language with AAC -- Going Beyond Requesting
AAC in the Cloud 2023 Conference
4.23 out of 292 ratings (832 total views)
Do you work with AAC users who struggle to move beyond single words? This session will provide actionable strategies for building language beyond basic requests. Learn how to use an SVO (Subject-Verb-Object) framework to prompt and model expanded utterances, as well as other cues to support communication growth. We'll also showcase fun tasks and activities for building SVO/SVL utterances. Join us to improve your AAC teaching skills!
Daisy Clay: Simple AAC -- easy to follow strategies and practical ideas for anyone supporting early AAC learners
AAC in the Cloud 2019 Conference
4.17 out of 291 ratings (1501 total views)
Simple AAC brings together the key thoughts on how to give AAC learners the best chance of success, in a way that is easy for anyone to understand and remember! Learn more about it, get practical ideas, and find out how to access free Simple AAC resources.
Beth Poss & Kelly Fonner: I Need That! How to Get Started with Core Vocabulary
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.45 out of 288 ratings (2102 total views)
This session helps families and educators understand expressive core vocabulary: what it is, where to get it, and how to use it to communicate with existing AAC systems and on manual core boards. We will share resources for pre-made core vocabulary and activities as well as tools for creating custom core resources.
Cheri Dodge Chin: Fostering an AAC-affirming classroom
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.35 out of 288 ratings (1908 total views)
AAC users may be the only child in their classroom with a communication tool... but they don't need to feel alone! Learn strategies to affirm and celebrate AAC with peers and educational staff.
Laura Valerio: Promoting Social Language Skills for an AAC User
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.21 out of 285 ratings (1686 total views)
This presentation will provide intervention strategies and display materials that could be utilized for promoting social language skills that are important for an AAC user to practice while interacting with others.
Sarah Weber: Make Your Modeling Meaningful: Tools & Tips for Aided Language Input
AAC in the Cloud 2018 Conference
4.12 out of 285 ratings (907 total views)
Do you struggle to connect with your AAC user? Do they only use their device to request? The problem could be what you’re choosing to talk about! We will discuss tools for determining highly motivating topics and tips for easy modeling in the moment to keep the conversation going.
Beth Poss & Kelly Fonner: Categories and Motor Planning and Pragmatic Function, Oh My! Understanding Organizational Set-Ups for AAC Systems
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.31 out of 281 ratings (1404 total views)
If you have ever been confused about the ways that vocabulary robust AAC systems are put together, this is the session for you! Follow us down the Yellow Brick Road of AAC to explore the organizational features of some of the most popular robust systems. We will examine the rationale of different ways that vocabulary is organized as a way to structure an AAC system and the implications of the organization on communication success.
Amber Devine Stinson: AAC and Switch Access: Placement, Patterns, and Prompts Oh My!
AAC in the Cloud 2019 Conference
4.13 out of 276 ratings (765 total views)
This presentation will cover types of switch, how to find the placement for the switch to be accessed, the different kinds of scanning patterns used with switch access, and the difference between auditory prompts vs auditory scanning.
Amanda Hartmann & Barbara van’t Westende: AAC for Everyone -- Building an AAC Culture in Schools
AAC in the Cloud 2021 Conference
4.33 out of 270 ratings (1093 total views)
Join this workshop to see how schools can build an AAC culture. Follow some real and authentic steps to engage educational teams in AAC. See how culture and mindsets can shift - and for the better. Recognise that all students, regardless of age, diagnosis or ability can benefit from AAC embedded into curriculum and learning. Learn how you can be part of this process.
Susie Cuzme & Tyrell Janiga: Practical AAC Strategies for Severe and Multiple Disabilities
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.15 out of 267 ratings (1064 total views)
Sarah Gregory & Elisa Wern: Teaming Up to Unlock the Possibilities for AAC Success
AAC in the Cloud 2021 Conference
4.42 out of 267 ratings (625 total views)
This presentation will share resources for teaming up to support the AAC Users in your world. Specific strategies for collaborating with team members during consideration, implementation, and data collection will be provided. The different models for working as a team as well as examples of technology that can support this will be discussed.
Deidre Dobbels & Kelly Key: Strategies to Increase AAC Modeling in the Classroom
AAC in the Cloud 2018 Conference
4.45 out of 263 ratings (919 total views)
A nationwide survey of general and special education teachers (pre-k – high school) identified perceived barriers in being able to provide partner aided language in the classroom setting. The results of this survey will be shared with participants along with practical solutions to overcome these obstacles, and provide educators with the tools and confidence they need to speak AAC.
Krista Howard, Brandi Wentland, & Shaun Pearson: Game On with AAC -- Virtual, In-Person, and User-Led Fun for All Ages
AAC in the Cloud 2023 Conference
4.14 out of 262 ratings (570 total views)
Come learn how to play games that create opportunities for communication, connection and creativity. Krista Howard, a life-long user of AAC will demonstrate ways she has used games that are authentic and engaging to support students’ learning and communication. Attendees will practice a combination of in-person and virtually accessible games for all age groups that will leave you inspired and ready to take on tomorrow! We welcome therapists, teachers, and parents to join us in learning how to coach users of AAC to create and facilitate their own activities to empower and share the skills they have learned with other users of AAC. All forms of AAC will be demonstrated including no-tech, light-tech and high-tech AAC during the session.
Miriam O'Sulivan: Empowering People Through Evidence-Based Interventions
AAC in the Cloud 2017 Conference
3.75 out of 261 ratings (904 total views)
Kathryn Helland: Using Both Speech and AAC to Support Communicative Independence
AAC in the Cloud 2019 Conference
3.57 out of 258 ratings (664 total views)
AAC stands for augmentative and alternative communication. People can speak and still choose to use AAC. It can be a powerful tool when someone has difficulty being understood. Research shows that people with Down Syndrome and other disabilities have more difficulty being understood by unfamiliar communication partners, or when speaking longer sentences. Even if their speech is understood by those who know them well, it may still be of benefit to use AAC. AAC can broaden the range of potential communication partners and ensure communicative independence.
Beth Poss: Supporting Your Youngest Learners -- How Carefully Curated Resources with Adult Facilitation Can Promote Language Development, Play, & Communication
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.24 out of 256 ratings (1006 total views)
Technology is omnipresent in our world and children may be experts at navigating these tools well before entering kindergarten. While AT provides access, the use of technology as a teaching tool for young children must be balanced with their need to play and learn through interactions in natural settings. This session examines current research on technology for birth to 5-year-olds and the implications of technology as an early learning tool for young children with language disabilities. We will discuss criteria for evaluating apps with a focus on interaction, cultural diversity and accessibility. Explore how families and therapists can use technology with young children to support the growth of language, play, early literacy, and problem solving skills.
Scot Wahlquist & Sarah Cox: Transitioning from 'Choice-based' AAC to Core Vocabulary
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.17 out of 254 ratings (2473 total views)
Many of us start the AAC journey with choice or requesting boards but is that the best way to promote effective communication? In this presentation we share our personal experience of what we learned when we transitioned our AAC user from choice/requesting boards to a robust core vocabulary, what we wish we would have known when we started, and the importance of collaboration between school and home