Most-Watched Sessions

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Rachel Madel: AAC in Telepractice
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.61 out of 1732 ratings (19449 total views)
Session by Rachel Madel about using telepractice for AAC
Lydia Dawley: Collaborating with Clients with AAC on What They Want to Work on in Therapy
AAC in the Cloud 2021 Conference
4.52 out of 193 ratings (9363 total views)
This session will be presented by Lydia Dawley, an AAC user and AAC Consultant. The session will explore the importance of collaboration with clients to choose what to do in therapy. This will will teach them the independence and autonomy skills that they can be independent with daily activities.
Lauren Enders & Rachel Madel: Attention-grabbing Tools & Ideas for Virtual Language Learning
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.7 out of 610 ratings (8256 total views)
Laura Hayes, Kate McLaughlin, & Kate Flaxman: Gestalt Language Processing & AAC: What Do We Know & Where Do We Go? **EXTENDED SESSION -- Will run until 3:45PM ET**
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.36 out of 416 ratings (6669 total views)
Have you heard about gestalt language processing (GLP)? If you want to learn more about this manner of language development and its role in AAC, then this is the presentation for you! This presentation will review GLP, its current implications for AAC, and future considerations for research and development.
Emily Diaz & Lauren Greenlief: The Known (And Unknowns) of AAC & Gestalt Language Processing
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.44 out of 630 ratings (6559 total views)
This session addresses what we know (and don’t know) about everyday clinical practice for our AAC users that are Gestalt Language Processors. We will share both family and professional experiences. While also addressing the research, identifying speaking/non-speaking GLPs, AAC app feature matching, the theory of programming, & implementation.
Anne Page: 10 Ideas for AAC Virtual Modeling
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
3.84 out of 323 ratings (6190 total views)
Anne shares 10 great ways to incorporate modeling & support into virtual connections with AAC users.
Keynote Address Jane Farrall: Shared Reading -- Let’s Be Interactive!
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.66 out of 341 ratings (5514 total views)
Shared reading is fundamental for anyone implementing literacy programs with emergent readers and writers – and good shared reading has strong ties with language development, and use of AAC. This workshop will discuss how we can support AAC users at different language and emergent literacy levels– supporting them to develop their language, communication skills and print concepts.
Lauren Enders Gonzales: Reimagining Canva as a Powerful Tool for AAC Learners
AAC in the Cloud 2023 Conference
4.45 out of 206 ratings (5200 total views)
In this session, you will learn how the wildly popular, powerful, and versatile Canva app can be used to support AAC Learners (either in-person or virtually). In addition to a paid Pro version, Canva offers both a free version (that anyone can use) AND the robust Canva for Education subscription that is FREE for all K-12 educators! Tune in to learn how this fun and all-around mighty tool can be used in creative ways to engage all types of learners. Demonstrations will include exciting new Canva features that even include artificial intelligence (AI). Not super tech-savvy? No worries, Canva has one of the most user-friendly interfaces around, so you can do this!
Kate Ahern: Literacy and Learners with CCN Using UFLI
AAC in the Cloud 2023 Conference
4.35 out of 105 ratings (4573 total views)
Laura Hayes: AAC Users -- Stimming or Not Stimming, That is the Question
AAC in the Cloud 2021 Conference
4.4 out of 305 ratings (4208 total views)
This session will review emergent communication behaviors and abilities when trialing dynamic voice output systems. It will expand upon the idea of what "stimming" looks like, how professionals and communication partners can redefine this term, and how to respond and support individuals with complex communication needs when they display "stimming" behaviors.
Rachael Langley: Prompt Awareness in AAC Instruction
AAC in the Cloud 2017 Conference
4.34 out of 340 ratings (3937 total views)
Karen Owens: We Speak PODD -- Implementing AAC at Home: Empowering Parents
AAC in the Cloud 2017 Conference
4.36 out of 337 ratings (3582 total views)
Corinne Dicpinigaitis: Switch Adapting Toys is Easy!
AAC in the Cloud 2021 Conference
4.37 out of 156 ratings (3480 total views)
Who am I? What are switch adapted toys? Overview of switch adapted toys. Live tutorial. What is Jericho adapts toys and how to start your own organization!
Jill Senner & Matt Baud: Educating School Staff to Model AAC in the Classroom
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.17 out of 353 ratings (3391 total views)
School staff instruction in AAC has numerous benefits to students, including increasing communicative turns and facilitating longer utterances. However, in-service style trainings rarely result in increased AAC use in the classroom. Participants will learn the benefits of staff education, benefits of modeling AAC and elements of a successful partner education program.
Christine Baudin: Comparing & Contrasting 6 Common Robust AAC apps
AAC in the Cloud 2018 Conference
4.13 out of 165 ratings (3353 total views)
This presentation will compare and contrast 6 common and robust AAC iPad apps. 3 sentences will be inputted in each app revealing just how intuitive each is. Although every feature of each app will not be able to be discussed, key features of each app will be reviewed.
Susan Berkowitz: Moving Beyond Single Words with AAC
AAC in the Cloud 2018 Conference
3.78 out of 591 ratings (2885 total views)
Moving AAC users beyond single words can be a difficult transition. Too often we focus on requesting as the objective, and on using single labels for items the user wants. But we need to grow language as well, and move students from single words through to complete, linguistically appropriate sentences.
Anne Page: Keep it fun, Keep it Flexible, Keep it Available -- AAC All Day in the Special Needs Classroom
AAC in the Cloud 2017 Conference
4.32 out of 373 ratings (2871 total views)
Lily Konyn: Supporting Gestalt Language Processors to Keep Scripting
AAC in the Cloud 2023 Conference
4.26 out of 482 ratings (2723 total views)
Therapy for GLPs often focuses on moving them towards word-based language generation. While this is an important skill to have, it is also important to support their neurotype by helping them feel confident communicating with their scripts. This session considers the benefits and methods to support this for AAC users.
Kelly Fonner: Applying the AAC Participation Model to Implementation Planning
AAC in the Cloud 2019 Conference
4.1 out of 134 ratings (2702 total views)
The “real world” of school communication does not always play out easily for the student using AAC. This session will expand the use of the Participation Assessment Model as an implementation strategies to be used when working with Preschool through K-12 Classroom teachers who have students with AAC systems.
Scot Wahlquist & Sarah Cox: Transitioning from 'Choice-based' AAC to Core Vocabulary
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.17 out of 254 ratings (2473 total views)
Many of us start the AAC journey with choice or requesting boards but is that the best way to promote effective communication? In this presentation we share our personal experience of what we learned when we transitioned our AAC user from choice/requesting boards to a robust core vocabulary, what we wish we would have known when we started, and the importance of collaboration between school and home
Emily Diaz: How to get Staff Buy-in for all-day AAC Use in the Classroom
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.24 out of 517 ratings (2329 total views)
Communication doesn't just happen during speech therapy! This presentation will help you consider how to train & support classroom professionals so they actually enjoy implementing AAC when you're not there.
(Recorded later) Betsy Furler: Using iPads and Apps to Motivate AAC users
AAC in the Cloud 2017 Conference
4.08 out of 72 ratings (2284 total views)
Rachel Jones: AAC in the Classroom -- Core Vocabulary
AAC in the Cloud 2017 Conference
4.2 out of 302 ratings (2275 total views)
Chana Feinstein: How to Get Beginning AAC users to Interact With You
AAC in the Cloud 2018 Conference
4.24 out of 235 ratings (2134 total views)
Do you have kids on your caseload who barely seem to notice you? It can be super hard to get these kids to engage in language-building play. Join me as I share practical tips for building interaction and play skills in beginning AAC users!
Beth Poss & Kelly Fonner: I Need That! How to Get Started with Core Vocabulary
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.45 out of 288 ratings (2102 total views)
This session helps families and educators understand expressive core vocabulary: what it is, where to get it, and how to use it to communicate with existing AAC systems and on manual core boards. We will share resources for pre-made core vocabulary and activities as well as tools for creating custom core resources.
Carole Zangari Beyond the Basics: Core Consideration in AAC Intervention
AAC in the Cloud 2017 Conference
4.62 out of 229 ratings (2035 total views)
Cheri Dodge Chin: Fostering an AAC-affirming classroom
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.35 out of 288 ratings (1908 total views)
AAC users may be the only child in their classroom with a communication tool... but they don't need to feel alone! Learn strategies to affirm and celebrate AAC with peers and educational staff.
Margaret Cotts: Low-tech AAC Solutions Overview
AAC in the Cloud 2019 Conference
3.96 out of 113 ratings (1879 total views)
An overview of low tech communication, including some of the reasons why people use low tech. We will demonstrate different physical access methods: • Pointing by hand • Pointing with a laser (head mounted or handheld) • Eye Gaze • Scanning • Gestures
Lori Geist: Core Vocabulary
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.31 out of 216 ratings (1838 total views)
This webinar will present well-defined intervention strategies and resources for embedding core vocabulary instruction into common emergent literacy routines. The routines to be featured include (1) shared reading, (2) predictable chart writing, (3) alphabet and phonological awareness, (4) independent reading and (5) independent writing. The presentation will include case examples.
Kathryn Helland: AAC- Getting Started, Implementing Across Environments, and Busting Myths
AAC in the Cloud 2017 Conference
4.2 out of 313 ratings (1771 total views)
Anne Page: Writing Authentic AAC Goals
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.1 out of 306 ratings (1770 total views)
Melanie Melton, Heather Patton, & Jaime Lawson: AAC Goals “Donut Forget -- No Holes in Your Goals”
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.05 out of 166 ratings (1715 total views)
This session seeks to provide information about goal writing in AAC. Learning objectives include helping the audience (1) understand the components of a good goal (2) learn how to select appropriate goals for students who use AAC and (3) learn about some sources for goal ideas.
Laura Valerio: Promoting Social Language Skills for an AAC User
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.21 out of 285 ratings (1686 total views)
This presentation will provide intervention strategies and display materials that could be utilized for promoting social language skills that are important for an AAC user to practice while interacting with others.
Katie Threlkeld: CoughDrop AAC App from A to Z
AAC in the Cloud 2023 Conference
4.05 out of 239 ratings (1637 total views)
As speech-language pathologists, we lead the way in determining how communication is viewed within our professional setting. In this practical presentation, we will review the essential components of a communication-focused program in order to support authentic, student-centered communication skills, and to create a more inclusive and supportive learning environment for all students.
Katie Threlkeld: Feature Matching in the AAC Assessment
AAC in the Cloud 2023 Conference
3.97 out of 146 ratings (1576 total views)
Feature-matching in AAC assessment is a crucial component of the assessment process but can be intimidating! Feature-matching is completed by looking at an individual’s skills and needs to determine the most appropriate AAC system features (ASHA, n.d.). Learn more in this recorded webinar!
Stephanie Fuller and Saoirse Tilton: Unconventional AAC
AAC in the Cloud 2019 Conference
4.1 out of 107 ratings (1569 total views)
When people talk about AAC they usually think about iPad programs and letterboards. There are however, many more options for AAC, including things that are often overlooked as communication. Let’s look at the wider idea of communication and how it happens.
Kelly Fonner: Alternative Pencils -- What Are They & How Are They Used
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.23 out of 199 ratings (1565 total views)
For some students, writing has been difficult due to their inability to manipulate the standard tools of writing. Many educators, therapists and parents have heard of the concept of Alternative Pencils. What are they? We will look at many examples, from the use of alphabet tiles to partner assisted scanning.
Jill Senner & Matt Baud: SMoRRES and Partner-Augmented Input -- Keys to Successful Modeling
AAC in the Cloud 2017 Conference
4.46 out of 89 ratings (1538 total views)
Daisy Clay: Simple AAC -- easy to follow strategies and practical ideas for anyone supporting early AAC learners
AAC in the Cloud 2019 Conference
4.17 out of 291 ratings (1501 total views)
Simple AAC brings together the key thoughts on how to give AAC learners the best chance of success, in a way that is easy for anyone to understand and remember! Learn more about it, get practical ideas, and find out how to access free Simple AAC resources.
Erin Sheldon: Descriptive Teaching at Home: Modeling for Interaction
AAC in the Cloud 2018 Conference
4.26 out of 214 ratings (1454 total views)
As families modelling AAC, we often focus on specific nouns, objects or foods to request, and names of people. This session will help families think about expanding to describing words. With a descriptive approach, we can enhance social interaction, have more fun, and better develop our kids' language and cognition.
Amanda Samperi: Adapted Books -- What are Symbolated Stories and How do We Use Them?
AAC in the Cloud 2017 Conference
4.25 out of 176 ratings (1430 total views)
Beth Poss & Kelly Fonner: Categories and Motor Planning and Pragmatic Function, Oh My! Understanding Organizational Set-Ups for AAC Systems
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.31 out of 281 ratings (1404 total views)
If you have ever been confused about the ways that vocabulary robust AAC systems are put together, this is the session for you! Follow us down the Yellow Brick Road of AAC to explore the organizational features of some of the most popular robust systems. We will examine the rationale of different ways that vocabulary is organized as a way to structure an AAC system and the implications of the organization on communication success.
Vicki Haddix: Hands-On Activities for Teaching AAC to Professionals: Why and How
AAC in the Cloud 2019 Conference
3.98 out of 297 ratings (1402 total views)
We talk a lot about the importance of training in AAC, but are only starting to talk about how to do that training. With years of teaching AAC to pre-service and in-service SLPs and teachers, Vicki has become a firm believer in hands on activities and she will share some here.
Keynote by Kate Ahern, #SeeMeSeeMyAAC Building a Voice
AAC in the Cloud 2017 Conference
4.54 out of 181 ratings (1360 total views)
Emily Macklin: What are Tangible Symbols? Use of these AAC Supports Across Settings
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.43 out of 219 ratings (1350 total views)
Learn what makes a "good" tangible symbol including considerations when making them that I have found to be successful. Demonstrating how this form of AAC can be powerful tool to provide access to AAC, not just in school, but also at home and how they can be used to facilitate and open doors for community interactions.
Rachael Langley & Marlene Cummings: Mindset Matters -- Setting the Stage for AAC Success
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.27 out of 175 ratings (1344 total views)
Both parents and professionals spend a lot of time and energy on word lists, funding devices, laminating, and coming up with the activities to practice using AAC. What if some changes early on could make that work even more impactful? Join us as we reflect on one of the principles that are foundational to our work: our mindset & the mindset of those we work with. We will discuss the challenges that come along with self-reflection as educators shift towards being influencers rather than experts. Throughout this presentation, we will share resources to help teams consider their role in AAC learning.
Kate Ahern: Talker Power -- Creating an AAC Skills Class for AAC Users and Caregivers Together
AAC in the Cloud 2023 Conference
4.43 out of 320 ratings (1329 total views)
Developing communication competence in a focused and fun manner.
Amy Goldman: AAC in the IEP
AAC in the Cloud 2018 Conference
4.16 out of 225 ratings (1310 total views)
The IEP is a key tool to assuring access to AAC devices and services for students with disabilities. This session, appropriate for professionals as well as families, will highlight barriers and solutions to including AAC in the IEP.
Sabina LaClair & Beth Warren: Getting Started - Ideas for Introducing AAC
AAC in the Cloud 2022 Conference
4.17 out of 393 ratings (1309 total views)
Are you new to implementing AAC or do you feel you need new ideas for supporting AAC users? Introducing AAC to an individual takes a team, so let’s work together to give you ideas and examples for how to start the process of introducing AAC. Multiple examples and resources will be provided for starting the journey with AAC.
Robert Vickery & Kyle Delahanty: Empowering the Paraprofessional
AAC in the Cloud 2020 Conference
4.03 out of 241 ratings (1255 total views)
Instructional assistants often spend the most time with students; however, they frequently do not get the training needed to effectively implement augmentative alternative communication with students with complex communication needs. This presentation offers examples of training and strategies we used to train instructional assistants in our Colorado Facility School.